Make Yourself
at Home

Home is a lens through which people explore memory, identity, and belonging in an increasingly nomadic world. More recently, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, home became a safe haven--an all-in-one workplace, classroom and living space for millions of people around the globe. The term also took on significance as a desired destination that was not possible to reach for some, whether due to travel restrictions or health limitations.

Artists rely on the motif of home as a way to draw connections between personal histories and timely political themes including immigration, homelessness, urban planning, race, and gender. San Diego is one of the most culturally diverse regions in the country and is the point of convergence of many different communities. The transitory nature of much of our population is mirrored by the Airport’s fleeting audience and allows for the exploration of ideas around movement to and from home by refugees, immigrants, and the military, among others.

Make Yourself at Home features sixteen distinct exhibitors whose artwork and collections explore how the concept of home differs for each person and shapes our memories, identities and sense of belonging. Selected by a jury of arts professionals, the participants were chosen based on their creativity, unique use of media, and relevance to the exhibition theme.