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October 2, 2019
Living Wall Memorial
September 30, 2019

Before Ying Wu

About The Project


Ying Wu




In collaboration with the Airport’s Design & Construction Department, the Arts Program was asked to support the development of custom signage that would respond to and enhance the vantage point offered from the top deck of the Terminal 2 West Parking Plaza. In an effort to engage San Diego’s vibrant literary arts community, staff invited authors and poets to propose writing inspired by the themes of home, travel, the ocean, and San Diego’s unique environment. The poem, Before, by San Diego poet, Ying Wu, was selected to be reproduced on graphic signage at the overlook that creatively frames the view, and casts changing shadows throughout the day. The poem celebrates every individual’s unique story and journey, in addition to drawing the reader’s eyes out to the natural beauty of the San Diego Bay.

Photos: Pablo Mason

Graphic Design: Sharon Gonzales


Terminal 2 Parking Plaza