A Necessary

Our global society is accustomed to moving through each day with underlying assumptions of the way things work. We rely on and put trust in the systems that bring structure to our lives and our communities. The coronavirus pandemic led to a period of these systems being forced to address a new reality. This caused many to re-examine their relationship to self, family, work, governance, culture, and social responsibility.

A Necessary Departurepresents a collection of seventeen artists and organizations whose work create a dialogue around the personal transformations and societal reckonings that have been necessary to find a starting place to again live and connect with the world around us . Each piece holds a unique part in the conversation. They range in topics that mirror the complexities of the pandemic. This collection aims to explore boundaries, self-care, and finding a sense of individual agency to make a difference.

These works are a translation of each artists’ personal experience. By their creation, they recognize the influence that creatives had by using their natural problem-solving abilities to be a catalyst to help us through a very challenging juncture of our lives. They also share an innovative outcome that can continue to serve us as we navigate the current times and those ahead.