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September 8, 2020

Quarantine Film Challenge

Selections from the Quarantine Film Challenge

Open to local, national and international filmmakers, this timed filmmaking competition launches Friday, April 3, 2020 and ends Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at midnight. Filmmakers will have until the July 15th deadline to write, edit, shoot and submit an under five-minute film about or inspired by their experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. All filmmakers are asked to comply with all current limitations and quarantine measures as mandated by local, regional or national governments.

Read our blog post for more information and instructions for submitting.

poe film
The CoRaven (with apologies to Edgar Allan Poe)

Director: Darren Mark Douglas

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Description: Locked in the loneliness of self-isolation, our Poe-tagonist receives a dark visitor.

cat in box film
 Cat in a Box

Director: Carlo Piscicelli

Location: Milan, Italy

Description: How does a cat react to the quarantine? How much different is the life of a cat from a human being in this moment?

robot film
 Robot Delivery

Director: Ferran Carbonell

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Description: Follow a robot on a journey to deliver a package

Heroes film

Director: Carlo Baltazar

Location: San Diego, California

Description: Going through life during the pandemic while coping with losses.

A hard day of still
A Hard Day of Quarantine

Director: Jan Bross

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Description: Follow a day in the life of a plush toy lobster as he tries to concentrate on work with the new normal.

untimed still
Untimed: A Lockdown Tale

Director: Fabio Reitano

Location: Latina, Italy

Description: After a lifetime spent traveling the world, a man finds himself stuck in his old family house, during the pandemic.

work from home still
The Work From Home Guru

Director: Chris Vlassis

Location: London, UK

Description: Meet Caroline. She's four days into self-isolation and has become a self-appointed "Work From Home Guru".

Quarantine Diet
The Quarantine Diet

Director: Jill Janairo

Location: San Diego, CA

Description: This short film explores how sheltering-in-place has forced us to reinvent our relationship to food--and our loved ones.

after meeting
After the Meeting

Director: Aaron Barry

Location: San Geronimo, CA

Description: Kids are trapped in their homes and parents are stuck in little virtual meeting boxes all day

Beginners Guide
A Beginner's Guide to Quarantine

Director: Kristyna Archer

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Description: This film is about maintaining mental health and a sense of optimism in isolation and how it takes practice to do so.

We All Love Pancakes

Director: Thierry Denis

Location: San Diego, CA

Description: This film is about how a four year old has adapted to the new normal better than most of us.

iran film
 Don't Worry

Director: Mana Pakseresht

Location: Iran

Description: A teenage girl spends her birthday quarantined at home because of the Coronavirus. Her mother, a nurse, has a surprise for her.

behind bars film
Life Behind Bars 

Director: AJ Bishop

Location: Oakland, California

Description: This film is about the woes of a young women who feels the downsides of quarantining at home with her parents

dreamland still

Director: Chase Parker

Location: New York City, New York

Description: A woman walks through the empty streets of New York City

for your safety still
For Your Safety

Director: Joshua Guicherit

Location: San Diego, CA

Description: During a mass quarantine, Subject 100 is stuck in his smart home with his A.I. named Eli.

history still

Director: Justin Jay Jones

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Description: Exploring the lives of the original owners of a house through old and decayed film reels left behind.

Paper Plane still
Paper Planes

Director: Christopher Okonkwo

Location: Jos, Nigeria

Description: A message of hope in times of quarantine depression

Lights in the forest still
Lights In The Forest V

Director: Ashley Maria

Location: San Diego, CA

Description: A fast-moving musical journey made on 3 continents by a diverse team of actors, dancers, musicians, and cinematographers from around the world.

San Diego on Super 8

Director: Emily Fleet

Location: San Diego, CA

Description: This short film juxtaposes the hopeful promises of springtime with the reality of a world rapidly changing due to the novel coronavirus.


Director: Chloe Cruz & Kathryn Bons

Location: Burnaby, Canada

Description: Two friends are brought together by video chat -- until the WiFi goes down.

The ABCs of Things To Do When You're Stuck At Home

Director: Julie Reiters

Location: Denver, CO

Description: A celebration of simple acts of play, imagination and downtime for kids and families combating boredom and stress in the midst of the COVID crisis.