Kerianne Quick
September 7, 2021
Quarantine Film Challenge
April 26, 2021

Cat Chiu Phillips Make Yourself At Home

About The Artwork

  • Exhibitor

  • Cat Chiu Phillips
  • Year

  • 2021
  • Description

  • The method of capturing memories of home has evolved through the years. Through paintings, photographs, video tapes, slide projectors and other modes of technology, families have tenderly recorded their shared experiences. Artist, Cat Chiu Phillips, blends traditional methods of weaving with discarded magnetic tape gathered from VHS cassettes to create intricate tapestries of woven memories. Using the traditional doily as the base of their form, the unusual wall hangings evoke a sense of nostalgia and traditional domesticity. The once common medium for capturing memories of home, the magnetic VHS tapes, are woven and crocheted together, visually and symbolically blending these documented memories.

  • Location

  • Terminal 2 West, Pre-Security, TSA Checkpoint 6

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