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October 8, 2021
Cheryl Tall
September 7, 2021

Katie Ruiz Make Yourself At Home

About The Artwork

  • Exhibitor

  • Katie Ruiz
  • Year

  • 2021
  • Description

  • Xicana artist Katie Ruiz combines the inspiration from her heritage with modern themes in her mixed-media installation. With a deep interest in and knowledge of Latin American textiles and symbols, she employs a variety of techniques in her sculptures. Her incorporation of yarn comes from her experience learning to weave, but Katie takes this beyond its traditional form by clumping and tying the yarn in loose, fragile ways. To create different textures, she adds found objects--shells, pajamas, a chair leg and more--to expand on the ways Latin American textiles are used in contemporary art.

  • Location

  • Terminal 2 West, Post-Security, Gate 28

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