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Public Art

1What are the goals of the Public Art Program?
Goals of the Public Art Program include: Commissioning artists rather than purchasing existing works, integrating artwork specific to the site through the collaboration of artists and design teams, and acquisition of a unique collection of artwork that is seamless with building design and infrastructure.
2What type of artwork is included in the Public Art Collection?
Public art opportunities at SAN vary from large and dramatic statements to intimate and subtle elements that may require numerous visits to discover. Some works are functional while others feature more traditional art forms. Some concepts create an experience to excite different senses, while others have deliberate placement to direct the traveler through the airport.
3Are tours available of the Public Art Collection?
The Arts Program hosts a limited number of art tours each year. For tour information, visit san.org.
4What is the Airport Art Advisory Committee’s role in the Public Art Program?
The Art Advisory Committee oversees the selection of artists for the Airport Arts Program. The Art Advisory Committee consists of members who advise and make recommendations to the Airport Authority Board concerning the following matters:
  • Public Art policies and procedures
  • Airport Art Master Plan
  • Artist selection juries and process
  • Commission and placement of artworks
  • Maintenance and removal of artworks
  • 5How are artists selected to receive public artwork commissions at SAN?
    Artist Selection Panels are established by the Airport Authority to review and recommend artists for inclusion in the Public Art Program. Selection panel members are comprised of art and design professionals with representation from the Art Advisory Committee and the Airport Authority’s design and construction team. Special attention is given to ensuring disciplinary, institutional and cultural diversity.
    6How do I find out about and apply for a Public Art opportunity?
    Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter at the bottom right hand side of this page. This will ensure that you receive an email announcement each time a new opportunity is published. New projects will also be posted on the "Opportunities" section of this website. You can always contact us at arts@san.org to inquire about future opportunities.
    7How do I apply for Airport Development Plan Public Art Projects?
    Airport Development Plan Public Art Projects

    How to Register as a Vendor in PlanetBids

    By registering as a Vendor you will receive notices on:

    • Future Public Art opportunities with the Airport
    • Addenda documents that may affect your document
    • Additional documents when available

    To register as a Vendor visit: http://www.san.org/business and complete the Vendor Registration. PlanetBids requires Adobe Flash. Please use the Google Chrome web browser to access PlanetBids on both Mac and PC. What you need to register:

    1. You will be asked to create a user name and password, please write them down and save for reference
    2. Have your federal tax ID # or your SSN available
    3. Select Business Category: 711510 Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers

    Once you have successfully completed the registration process you will receive an e- mail confirming your successful registration. You will also receive notifications of all RFQs related to your business category.

    To View and Apply for an Opportunity

    1. Visit http://www.san.org/business
    2. Select “Bid Opportunities”
    3. Find and select your interested artist opportunity OR type “art” in the keyword search bar
    4. Double click on the opportunity and a brief description will appear in the next screen
    5. To view the RFQ, select the “Documentation/Attachments” tab and double click on the RFQ underneath “File Name”
    6. Enter your vendor username and password and select “Download” to access the RFQ
    7. Read through the RFQ carefully and note the eligibility requirements
    8. When you are ready to apply, follow steps 1-4, select “Place eBid” at the bottom right hand corner, and enter your vendor username and password.

    *Follow directions carefully, complete and submit ALL required documents. The artist selection panel will only review responsive/completed submissions.



    8What are the qualifications and selection criteria for public art opportunities?
    Eligibility requirements and evaluation critieria differ depending upon the specific project. Please consult the project Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for these details. In most projects, submissions are evaluated for the originality, creativity and consistency of the artist’s body of work, their professional qualifications and experience, and their experience working as part of a design team on projects of similar scale and complexity.
    9How is the Public Art Program funded?
    Airport Authority policies allow for a 2 percent allocation for art, derived from eligible construction costs. The types of projects include terminals, roadways, and other specified construction.

    Temporary Exhibtions

    1Are there opportunities to have my artwork or collection featured in the Temporary Exhibitions Program?
    The Temporary Exhibitions Program is an important means through which the Arts Program supports the Airport’s mission of serving as a gateway to the region by showcasing the work of regional visual artists, cultural institutions, educational organizations, and community groups. Each year, the Arts Program identifies an exhibition theme relevant to San Diego and the Airport, and invites interested exhibitors to submit proposals related to that topic. Arts Program Staff, in collaboration with an outside panel of artists, curators and arts administrators, identify 10-15 exhibitors based on their creativity, unique use of media and relevance to the proposed theme. Selected artists and organizations install their displays throughout the terminals for up to one year. Collectively, each exhibition presents meaningful and imaginative perspectives on a single theme for the traveling public. A call for proposals is released annually each fall. Be sure to sign up for our Email Newsletter by completing the form in the bottom right of your screen to receive announcements about new opportunities.

    Performing Arts

    1Are there opportunities for Performing Arts groups?
    The Arts Program works with a contracted Performing Arts Production Specialist to schedule all performances at the airport.

    If you are a performer or group interested in booking opportunities, please submit your information at san.submittable.com

    2What is the Performing Arts Residency Program?
    The Performing Arts Residency Program provides a platform for the development and performance of new work that simultaneously enriches the airport environment and cultivates the regional performing arts community. This opportunity is a process-oriented residency program open to performing arts groups working in all disciplines including dance, music, theater, as well cross-disciplinary digital media. San Diego International Airport seeks resident performing arts groups to create, rehearse, and perform original works inspired by or developed in response to the Airport environment. A call for submissions is released annually each fall.
    3How do I apply for the Performing Arts Residency Program?
    A call for submissions is released annually each fall. Be sure to sign up for our Email Newsletter by completing the form in the bottom right of your screen to receive announcements about new opportunities.