Margaret Noble Fall 2020
August 3, 2020
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October 2, 2019


About The Residency Group

  • Year

  • Spring 2020
  • Venue

  • San Diego International Airport
  • Description

  • Beck+Col are a Los Angeles based artist duo whose work has been exhibited worldwide. Through costume-based performance, Beck+Col’s work explores alternate universes populated with monsters. Their Lumpen Monsters are colorful, playful and operatic. For the duration of their residency, these lumpy, musical monsters from an alternate universe will descend upon SAN. Only able to communicate through friendly exaggerated gestures and operatic vocalizations, the monsters interact with travelers passing through the airport, engaging them in an aural and visual spectacle. It is a multidisciplinary experience; combining wearable sculpture, performance, dance, and music and live operatic vocalizations.

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beck col

2020 Spring Performing Arts Residency

Lumpy ride

Lumpy Airport Ride

lump chairs

A Short Game of Opera

lump dance

Dance of the Lumps

voice 1

Sound like a Monster - Vocal Exercise 1

vocal 2

Sound like a Monster - Vocal Exercise 2

voice 2

Sound like a Monster - Breathing Exercise

vocal warm

Sound like a Monster - Vocal Warmup

vocal ex 1

Sound like a Monster - Vocal Exercise

vocal ex 1a

Sound like a Monster - Easy Improvisation

vocal ex 1b

Sound like a Monster - Voice as an Instrument


Lumps at the Airport