SAN Public Art Driving Tour
August 5, 2020
Beck+Col Spring 2020
February 5, 2020

Margaret Noble

About The Residency Artist

  • Year

  • Fall 2020
  • Venue

  • San Diego International Airport
  • Description

  • Like the traveling lines of musical notation, the flight path moves people. Through the Performing Arts Residency, artist Margaret Noble will present a series of audio visual works designed to ignite, delight, and reframe the airport experience. Inspired by Brian Eno’s seminal work ​Music for Airports​ and the historical art traditions of visual music and graphical notation, [Sky][Muse] is a collection of animated graphics accessible through personal devices. For passengers preparing to move through portals, time zones, and geographies these short, digital works will enhance their travel by elevating their sensory experiences of color, light, and sound. From August to December 2020, these thematic sensory programs will be available to airport audiences for personal engagement and public conversation. Themes of transformation, destination, and process are presented through the juxtaposition of being exactly somewhere and yet nowhere. Not limited to the experience of air travel, these works are available for anyone in waiting or on a journey.

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Circa Diem | December

Our cycles move around in a day. What is your rhythm?


Interactive Visual Music


Silent Graphical Score

Motion | November

We are displaced, distanced, and accelerated in speed and time. What moves you?


Interactive Visual Music


Silent Graphical Score

Map | October

Our geographies expand. What are the points on your map? Where do you wish to go?


Interactive Visual Music


Silent Graphical Score

Gradations | September

Our experiences unfold in a series of gradual shifts. How are you transforming? What phase is next?


Interactive Visual Music


Silent Graphical Score

Compass | August

The compass guides us. Where are you headed? In what directions are you going?


Interactive Visual Music


Silent Graphical Score