San Diego Air & Space Museum
January 5, 2017
Collection of Edward Marsh
January 5, 2017

Matthew Bradley Intergalactic Dreaming

About The Artwork

  • Exhibitor

  • Matthew Bradley
  • Year

  • 2017
  • Description

  • Emerging from his broader investigation of conspiracy theories, Matthew Bradley's landscape paintings explore the possibility of life outside of Earth's realm. Each piece features an extraterrestrial aircraft set within an urban or rural scene, derived from photographs and video stills of unexplained aerial phenomena. The paintings are accompanied by window decals of UFOs at various sites throughout the terminal. Hovering against the land and skyscapes of San Diego and the airfield, these decals may catch a passing traveler off-guard, toying with their perception of reality
  • Location

  • Terminal 2 West Alcove Between Gates 35 & 36, Upper Level (post-security)
  • Map

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