Terri Hughes-Oelrich
February 7, 2023
Lori Hepner
February 6, 2023

Mark HewkoA Necessary Departure

About The Artwork

  • Exhibitor

  • Mark Hewko
  • Title

  • Resonance
  • Year

  • 2022
  • Description

  • Raised in New York City by World War 2 Ukrainian immigrants, Hewko is a contemporary mural artist now based in San Diego. His work is an experimentation with Roman and Cyrillic alphabets which began during his involvement in the height of the subway art movement. Resonance pays homage to the incredible life of his Indian mother-in-law, an immigrant doctor whose career was spent treating American Veteran patients, and the closure he experienced at her casting ceremony in the Ganges River after her passing. It pays tribute to the function of the instrument it adorns by providing an impetus that can strike an unanticipated chord with its audience, becoming a hope for similar release and healing in a post-pandemic future.

  • Social Media

  • Instagram: @markhewko
  • Website: https://markhewko.com/home.html
  • Location

  • Terminal 2 West, Pre-Security,Public Piano

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