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September 8, 2016
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January 2, 2016

Autoplast II: Side Mirror Hive Amy Landesberg

About The Artwork

  • Artist

  • Amy Landesberg
  • Year

  • 2015
  • Description

  • In creating her two-part installation, Autoplast artist Amy Landesberg contemplates our relations to cars, and imagines how an assembly of their parts might take on a life of its own. Using humor and dramatic scale, both artworks transform common car parts into life forms, and model behaviors observed in nature.

    Autoplast II: Side Mirror Hive is composed of four massive honeycombs made of chrome side-view mirrors nestled below an overhang three stories above. Hanging parallel as ’bee space’ requires, these suspended forms simulate the nest geometry of a productive colony.
  • Location

  • Rental Car Center East Core, Ground Level (pre-security)
  • Map