Residency Performances 2018
March 9, 2018
Residency Performances 2017
April 25, 2017

Dazzle Ueberall International

About The Artwork

  • Artist

  • Ueberall International
  • Year

  • 2017
  • Description

  • Designed to respond to the unique faceted geometry of the Rental Car Center, DAZZLE, by Ueberall International, is a monumental public art installation that transforms the structure into a dynamic mural. The artists drew inspiration from a form of ship camouflage used in World War I that was intended to alter the perception of ships to the enemy by visually scrambling their shapes and outlines. The artwork uses ground-breaking, sustainable technology to present animations that travel back and forth across the 1600 linear foot façade to evoke water ripples, moving traffic, dancing snowflakes and shifting dazzle patterns.
  • Dazzle was among the nominated projects of the Media Architecture Biennale Awards for 2020 (Animated Architecture category). The Media Architecture Biennale is recognized as the world's premier event on media architecture and urban interaction design. In 2017 Dazzle also won a PEOPLE’S CHOICE ONION in the Orchids & Onions Awards from the San Diego Architectural Foundation.
  • Artists: Nik Hafermaas, Dan Goods, David Delgado, Jeano Erforth
  • Animation and Programming: Ivan Cruz
  • Engineering and Fabrication: E Ink Corporation
  • Project Management: Jeano Erforth, Ueberall International
  • Photos: Pablo Mason
  • Location

  • Rental Car Center Façade, Ground Level (pre-security)
  • Map