TML Dunn
May 11, 2018
Matthew Hebert
May 11, 2018

Michelle Montjoy Figure of Speech

About The Artwork

  • Exhibitor

  • Michelle Montjoy
  • Year

  • 2018
  • Description

  • Artist Michelle Montjoy creates intricately knitted sculptural environments from graphic t-shirts, using large table-top looms reminiscent of those used for traditional knitting projects. Buried within these suspended forms are fragments of language. As Montjoy sees it, t-shirts with printed language allow individuals to express aspects of their identity, such as their world-view, sense of humor, or hobbies, and therefore, offer an opportunity for people to find common ground or spark a conversation between strangers. Montjoy draws a parallel between the ways that strangers connect and interact with how the material from the shirts are woven and bound together. Montjoy will continue this dialogue between strangers by periodically engaging travelers during the exhibition to help knit new forms to be incorporated into the project.

  • Location

  • Terminal 2 East, Post-Security, Food Court

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