About the
Film Program

SAN Arts Film Program presents thought-provoking and innovative work by local and international filmmakers. The screenings take place in AIRspace located post-security in Terminal 2 West. The Film Program enhances the airport environment and enriches the experience of airport visitors by providing an unexpected encounter with arts programming.  



Announcing the Quarantine Film Challenge

Open to local, national and international filmmakers, this timed filmmaking competition launches Friday, April 3, 2020 and ends Friday, June 5, 2020 at midnight. Filmmakers will have until the June 5th deadline to write, edit, shoot and submit an under five-minute film about or inspired by their experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. All filmmakers are asked to comply with all current limitations and quarantine measures as mandated by local, regional or national governments.

Read our blog post for more information and instructions for submitting.

Selections from the Quarantine Film Challenge

poe film

The CoRaven (with apologies to Edgar Allan Poe)

Director: Darren Mark Douglas

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Description: Locked in the loneliness of self-isolation, our Poe-tagonist receives a dark visitor.


iran film

Don't Worry

Director: Mana Pakseresht

Location: Iran

Description: A teenage girl spends her birthday quarantined at home because of the Coronavirus. Her mother, a nurse, has a surprise for her.


cat in box film

Cat in a Box

Director: Carlo Piscicelli

Location: Milan, Italy

Description: How does a cat react to the quarantine? How much different is the life of a cat from a human being in this moment?


behind bars film

Life Behind Bars

Director: AJ Bishop

Location: Oakland, California

Description: This film is about the woes of a young women who feels the downsides of quarantining at home with her parents


robot film

Robot Delivery

Director: Ferran Carbonell

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Description: Follow a robot on a journey to deliver a package


dreamland still


Director: Chase Parker

Location: New York City, New York

Description: A woman walks through the empty streets of New York City