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September 13, 2018
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April 3, 2019
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2019 Airport Arts Master Plan

The 2019 Airport Arts Master Plan and associated Policy recommendations were approved unanimously by the Airport Authority Board today!

After a comprehensive effort to plan for the future of the SAN Arts Program, the Airport’s new Arts Master Plan has been approved by the Board.  It is the first Arts Master Plan for San Diego International Airport since the previous plan was completed in 2006.  The Master Plan outlines recommendations for the three core components of the Arts Program:  Performing Arts, Public Art, and Temporary Exhibitions.  It also recommends priorities for communications, customer and community engagement, and evaluation.  Additionally, the plan focuses on possible upcoming capital projects at the airport, specifically the proposed Airport Development Plan (ADP), but also on the role of the program beyond when there are no major capital projects on the horizon.  A comprehensive review of the policies that guide the management of the Arts Program was undertaken as part of the project and resulted in numerous amendments to Airport Authority Policy 8.50.

The Arts Master Plan was developed through ongoing consultation with the Airport’s Arts Advisory Committee (AAC) and many Airport Authority and ADP stakeholder groups.  From the onset of the project, staff and the consultant team worked in collaboration with stakeholders to ensure alignment with SAN’s goals around Customer Experience (CX) and engagement with the broader community, as articulated in the Airport’s 5-year Strategic Plan.  The Master Plan project also required collaboration with external stakeholders, including representatives from visual and performing arts and educational organizations throughout the region.  The planning process involved extensive research and multiple phases, including interviews and roundtable meetings, intercept and online surveys, benchmarking, and preliminary economic impact studies.  Over 200 internal and external stakeholders were engaged, over 650 surveys were completed, and 18 airport and transit arts programs were benchmarked.  A draft plan was published in August for public review and input for 30 days, which generated approximately 15 responses.  In October, the AAC received a thorough presentation on all aspects of the plan’s final findings and recommendations from staff and the consultant team.  The AAC unanimously approved the plan advancing it to the Authority Board for their review and ultimate approval on March 14, 2019.

The Arts Master Plan emphasizes the role the Arts program plays in:

  • Enhancing CX by creating experiences that are accessible, entertaining and enriching, memorable, and that people seek out and enjoy.
  • Supporting place-making at the airport by creating a sense of welcome and serving as a gateway to the San Diego region and its culture.
  • Upholding the civic and community impact of SAN with a focus that extends beyond the fence line.
  • Maintaining artistic excellence as a primary goal.

Now, the Arts Program looks forward to implementing the recommendations of the Arts Master Plan!