Rebecca Webb
May 16, 2019
Sasha Koozel Reibstein
May 16, 2019

Timothy Murdoch Forces of Nature

About The Artwork

  • Exhibitor

  • Timothy Murdoch
  • Year

  • 2019
  • Description

  • Using burned trees from Southern California wildfires, Timothy Murdoch’s site-specific installations investigate the natural breakdown of physical materials and the ways in which we attempt to order and reorder our world. Humans create systems of categorization to develop structure and order in an otherwise chaotic world. Using designer interior house paint often found in the tract communities common to San Diego, Murdoch’s colorful installation calls attention to the environmental impact of rapid suburban sprawl. This overdevelopment of the San Diego landscape has caused irreparable damage to our ecosystem.

  • Location

  • Terminal 2 East, Post-Security, Gate 33

  • Map