2017 Exhibition Intergalactic Dreaming

About The Exhibition

  • Exhibitors

  • Adriene Hughes, Don Porcella, Southwestern College, Joshua Krause, Carolina Montejo, NASA/JPL - Caltech, Collection of Edward Marsh, Matthew Bradley, San Diego Air & Space Museum, Sheena Rae Dowling, High Tech High Chula Vista, Irène de Watteville, Lisa K. Blatt, Melissa Walter, and Michael Giancristiano
  • Year

  • 2017
  • Description

  • Space exploration and the realm beyond Earth's atmosphere have long held a fascination for all those interested in imagining the unknown. This topic is of particular relevance to the Southern California region, which is home to innovative organizations contributing to the burgeoning private space industry. In the coming years, the growing field of space travel promises to revive notions of outer space within the collective imagination and inspire groups devoted to education and research of astronomy and related sciences.

    Intergalactic Dreaming features fifteen distinct exhibitors who explore celestial phenomena and astronomy and use past, present, and speculative depictions of the cosmos and space travel as their inspiration. Selected by guest curator Ginger Shulick Porcella, the participants were chosen based on their creativity, unique use of media and relevance to the exhibition theme.
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  • Terminal 2
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